“Anti-straw movements have a larger effect of creating awareness in the minds of consumers on the overall negative environmental impact of disposable plastics, not just straws,” Aarti says in this Channel News Asia interview.

With so many ongoing anti-straw movements and so much talk surrounding it, it is important for us to take a moment to think about what is actually going on. Sometimes it is easy to get swept into a trend or phase without actually questioning the purpose nor pros and cons of it, and that is normal. However, it is important to know why we are taking certain actions or why we are supporting certain movements. As Aarti mentioned, the current phase of anti-straw movements does have an important role to play in creating an awareness amongst people on the colossal problem which is plastic pollution. This applies to our over reliance on single use plastics and the negative environmental impact they have on us and the environment. Even as experts are saying that going straw free might not actually solve the problem of oceans polluted by plastics, we cannot help but acknowledge the fact that this movement is a great first step in our journey to fight plastic pollution.

To gain a better insight into this issue and to see what else Aarti shared in the interview, do click on the article!


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