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Volunteer Activities

The Schools Outreach Team seeks to reach out to schools (Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary schools] with the aim of urging them to be less dependent on plastic, both at school and at home.
The purpose of the role is to strengthen our relationship with existing schools, and enroll new schools as Plastic Lite schools. Young audiences are critical resource as they are the citizens and decision makers of tomorrow. At PLSG, we have programmes in place to engage with children of all ages and your role would be to further this engagement.
Main Activities:
  • Assist with Administrative tasks including maintaining correspondence with existing and new schools,
  • Actively reach out to schools for assembly talks and other creative activities
  • Represent Plastic-Lite at booths in roadshows

Volunteers may be asked to carry out other activities as part of their role, for example, working with the content writing team to enhance the content of your outreach programme.
We are looking for someone who:
  • Is passionate and committed towards the cause
  • Commits around 1-2 hours every week towards enhancing our outreach
  • Enjoys engaging with children & youth

What you can expect from us:
  • An opportunity to gain valuable experience on public speaking, such as engaging children and youth in creative ways.
  • Ongoing support from your supervisor, Rajul, and the rest of the team at Plastic-Lite Singapore.
The Bounce Bags Outreach team works on transforming habits of our society and promote the circular economy concept. We partner with town councils and grassroots leaders to implement new Bounce Bags points in their community. Thereafter, we work on having good public engagement with the Bounce Bags point.
As the Bounce Bags Co-Ordinator, you will be working together with your fellow co-ordinators to co-create ideas on how to engage the public on Bounce Bags. You will also be working with grassroots leaders and Town Council leaders to extend our outreach of Bounce Bags.
Main Activities:
  • Contacting and speaking with Town Council leaders and grassroots leaders
  • Working with schools and members of the public to advocate for Bounce Bags

Volunteers may be asked to carry out other activities as part of their role, such as designing slides for these activities.
We are looking for someone who:
  • Believes in a bag-sharing initiative that promotes the circular flow of resources
  • Enjoys grassroots activities and engaging with the local community
  • Has responsibility and is committed to the tasks they are assigned to
  • Is responsive to messages from your supervisors

What you can expect from us:
  • An opportunity to gain valuable experience through communicating with the public
  • Constant support from your supervisors, Terese and Aarti, and the team.
The Graphics Designer and/or Content Writer will be creating content (infographics/article) for our social media and/or our new blog, Let’s Talk Climate. We aim to promote environmental literacy through simplifying complex news and developments into something easy and appealing for people to understand.
Main Activities
  • Self-reading of latest environmental news
  • Content Writer - Writes opinion pieces on environmental developments
  • Graphic Designer - Design easy-to-read infographics, or compiles news into bitesize pictures

We are looking for someone who:
  • Is well-informed about the latest environmental news
  • Is self-motivated and takes initiative in contributing content ideas
  • Is willing to accept constructive criticism

What you can expect from us:
  • An opportunity to hone writing skills or design skills through one-to-one coaching
  • Weekly team-building and critical thinking activities
The Corporate Outreach Team reaches out to Corporates to engage them in reducing their plastic footprint. Our aim is to increase awareness of the ill effects of plastic by engaging with them in unique and creative ways. 
Main Activities
  • Assist with fresh engagement points for corporate outreach
  • Reach out to new corporate organizations for talks/booths
  • Creating presentation slides for outreach
  • Assist with formation of Plastic-Lite Corporate Subcom with its own strategy and goals structure
  • Provide consultation for companies seeking to reduce their packaging waste *

We are looking for someone who:
  • Is currently working, or has experience in, working in a corporate. Working in sustainability is an advantage, though not a prerequisite. 
  • Is creative and keen to find fresh ways of engaging Corporates
  • Is passionate about sustainability and identifies with our mission of promoting a circular economy and zero-waste lifestyle
  • Is an independent worker and willing to commit two to three hours a week at least 

What you can expect from us:
  • A training session for those interested in conducting talks 
  • Leadership skills development
  • Ongoing support from your supervisor, Rajul and Aarti, throughout the course of your volunteering. As we are currently a small team, there is a lot of potential for growth and close working relationships!

* if you have knowledge of supply chain management processes
The Ad-hoc volunteer will participate in events on a case-by-case basis.
Main Activities
  • Represent Plastic-Lite Singapore in roadshows, carnivals and events
  • Engage with members of the public on environmental issues, such as plastic pollution, climate change and also link these issues to broader social issues such as the impact of excessive consumerism on people's livelihoods.
  • Optional: Assist in specific activities under other Outreach programmes, such as Schools Outreach, Corporate Outreach, Graphics Design

We are looking for someone who:
  • Is well-informed about the latest environmental news
  • Is passionate about environmental advocacy
  • Is committed to the activities they have agreed to participate in

What you can expect from us:
  • Attend pre-event briefings and training sessions
  • An opportunity to interact with the wider environmental community, both in and outside of Plastic-Lite Singapore.

Schools OutreachBounce Bags OutreachGraphics DesignContent WriterCorporate OutreachAd-hoc Volunteer

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