BOUNCE BAGS – Share Bags for our Shared Planet

Most people have some level of awareness about Singapore’s excessive use of throwaway plastic and the toll it has taken on our natural resources. Yet most Singaporeans continue to be attached to single-use plastic carriers, maybe because they are not willing to break away from a lifestyle of convenience.

  • Bishan North Bounce Bags Point

Plastic-Lite Singapore’s BOUNCE BAGS aims to interrupt this natural tendency, by replacing the convenience of plastic carriers with an avenue that provides free reusable bags! We hope that residents will help themselves to bags from a ‘Bounce Point’ near them if they have forgotten to bring their own bags for their purchases. These bags are kindly donated by the residents of the community to help their neighbours avoid single-use plastic bags. So, in a nutshell, by adopting the Bounce Bags initiative, (so called because these reusable bags are being “bounced” from one household to another), we are empowering each other with sustainability’s most important ‘R’- REFUSE, and all this, in the spirit of community sharing.

With every bag we donate and receive, we are moving forward towards building a sense of eco-consciousness and we hope this act nudges us to incorporate even more eco-friendly actions along the way, shifting away from our usual lifestyle behavioural choices that place convenience over environmental needs. According to a study conducted by the National Environment Agency, the use of one reusable bag over a year could replace the use of 125 single-use plastic bags!

Plastic-Lite Singapore also stresses the importance of circulating current resources instead of grinding up more, which will only create the facade of sustainability. Thus, we choose to rely on bags donated by the public instead of creating new bags, considering in Singapore, free giveaways of ‘goodie’ bags happen more frequently than they ought to. Furthermore, a reusable bag should be reused many times in order to be a truly eco-friendly alternative vis-a-vis plastic bag.

We strongly believe Bounce Bags has untapped potential to accelerate Singaporeans into the eco-friendly mindset that we urgently need today. If it’s one less plastic bag today, then it will be two tomorrow.

If you find yourself resonating with this simple but thoughtful community initiative, and would like to see Bounce Points in your neighbourhood as well, your local shopping mall or supermarket, your office or even your school, drop us a message at with the email heading “BOUNCE BAGS ENQUIRY“.

Please also reach out to us, if you are interested in joining Team Bounce Bags. Working together, we can bring about change much faster and much more efficiently!

Here’s a short survey link (and the survey QR code below) that you could fill up and help us understand relevant information regarding user preferences for tailoring our community bag-share campaign.

We look forward to hearing from you!

PS. Notice how unique each Bounce Bags Point is? If you have an idea on how we can customize our next Bounce Bags Point and have an eye for design, we would love to hear from you!