Spreading the BYO Message

The BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) Shoppers campaign was Plastic-Lite SG’s first ever initiative. On “BYOB Days”, we visit supermarkets and give away reusable shopping bags at the cashier areas. 

  • All smiles at a BYOB Day event!

Easily 500 bags are given out on each BYOB Day. This both reduces plastic bag usage and helps remind shoppers to bring their own bags in the future.

We also conduct surveys and chats with shoppers at supermarkets to learn more  about the mindsets of consumers and better understand how to encourage them to change.

Bounce Bags is another new initiative that we’ve launched that encourages shoppers to take a reusable bag from the designated point and use it for their shopping, thus eliminating the need for plastic bags. These bags can be used by anyone in the community and they can then return them to the designated points or even donate their own reusable bags if they have any extras!

Schoolchildren: Our Little BYOB Champions!

We adapted our BYOB Day for schoolchildren, who helped spread the BYOB message to shoppers at the supermarket. The students of Admiralty Primary even created their own bags from old t-shirts and brought them along to give away!