BYO Campaign

From 24 May to 5 July, Plastic-Lite SG launched our first social media campaign: the BYO campaign! We aim to affirm people in their BYO journey and help to renew the sense of purpose in BYO.

Activities in the campaign include highlighting new tips and fun facts, such as how to make your lunchbox smell fragrant instead of reeking food (or mould!) smells.

In another week we dive into history – what was life like before plastic?

Waste did not always disappear with a toss of the hand. Waste once lived right next to us. Here we investigate: How did Singapore handle waste before Pulau Semakau? 

The following week we embark on yet another adventure – examining the criticisms and responding to them…

But also understanding the limitations of BYO and agreeing with the critics!

And more to come – yes, we at Plastic-Lite Singapore are agreeing why we need plastics.

By the end of the campaign, we hope to instill a new sense of hope and purpose in the BYO movement. BYO is not for “greenies”; it is for everyone who rejects the culture of convenience and short-term benefits.