Plastic-Lite Singapore – Towards a plastic-lite future

Plastic-Lite SG

is a community that raises awareness about the over-use of disposable plastics in Singapore. We reach out to schools, eateries, supermarkets, and the public to spread the message that each piece of plastic refused is one more step towards saving the environment.

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Maybe all we need is just 2!

For a small nation consisting of about 5.6 million people, our consumption of 820 million supermarket plastic bags annually is staggering. This is especially since this number possibly only represents 30-40% of our total plastic Read more


Is going anti-straw really that good?

“Anti-straw movements have a larger effect of creating awareness in the minds of consumers on the overall negative environmental impact of disposable plastics, not just straws,” Aarti says in this Channel News Asia interview. With Read more


Launching our very own Bounce Bags!

We recently launched our very own Bounce Bags initiative, an idea that was conceived by our founder Aarti. It was successfully launched at the Nee Soon East Town Council’s inaugural Environment Day Event on June 3rd, Read more

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We're always looking for like-minded people to partner with on our plastic-lite journey. If you are a eatery, supermarket, or school group, we'd especially like to work together with you!

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